Services for mummy:

1. 5 nutritious gourmet meals daily (breakfast,lunch,teatime,dinner and supper)

2. Free flow of beverages

3. Pre-packed herbs for shower

4. Daily Laundry services

5. Daily Housekeeping services

6. Complimentary one session of Postnatal Massage

7. Breastfeeding support

8. Some activities eg: postnatal yoga, soap making and etc


Services for baby:


1. Baby growth and development monitoring


2. 24/7 taken care by in-house midwives or nurses


3. 24hr CCTV surveillance in baby room


4. Pre-packed herbs for shower


5. Baby daily clothing and essential




Young beautiful pregnant woman having massage in spa salon

Pregnancy Massage Service:

  1. Prenatal Relaxation Massage

  2. Post Drainage Herbal Detoxification Massage

  3. Uterus & Ovary Nourishing Therapy


Massage Therapy:

  1. Traditional Full Body Massage

  2. Herbal Tungku Treatment

  3. 5 Elements Lymph GuaSha

  4. Ear Candling Treatment