Our centre is staffed with highly trained, caring and qualified nurse and midwives to provide 24 hours of dedicated care to you and your newborn. Postnatal care along with information and advice on caring for your newborn baby is provided to ensure both of you are in the best physical and condition. Our professional team are ready to instruct and help mother on the correct ways of breatfeeding in order you to give the best food and bonding a special relationship with your precious one.


Postnatal Activities and Parenting Course

Our Classes

Handmade Classes

Handmade gifts can be very unique and different which reflecting your love and leaving a full lovely memorable a mother to baby.

Parenting Course

Our team proffesional will give guaidance and advises on how to produce sufficient breast milk, bathing your baby, weight management, ways to make breastfeeding easier for mothers.

Postnatal Yoga Class

Postnatal yoga is a style of yoga that addresses the physical, mental and emotional challenges of being a new mother. Yoga poses focus on helping new mothers tone their body and regain their figure and relieve stress.