About Us

SW Confinement Care Centre is luxury confinement centre where located at the strategic Kepong area nearby Sime Darby Park City Hospital. Our Confinement Care Centre practises to the time-tested traditional methods of Chinese medicine for a best postnatal care.

We truly understand lady after they give birth to baby, are under physiological and psychological pressure. Therefore, a right and good conditioning to the body is a must to every lady.

Being the best confinement centre, our aim is to provide our professional services for our mothers in order they can recover to health in quick from the trauma in a right way.

Besides, we want mother who come here feeling at home as we will treat both mother and baby like our own family. We are willing to fully provide psychological support and information she needs about the correct way on breastfeeding, how to taking care baby and adjusting their imminent life.

To give an exclusive care curated for each mother’s need, we promise that all our team of professionals are not only well trained and equipped with skills to connect with both mother and baby but also to have good attitude, effectiveness and efficiency during working time.

In addition, safe and security for both mother and babies is our top priority. Our centre is fully equipped with a centralized solar water system which is safe to be used.

Believing in giving the best, we hope our mothers have a comfortable postpartum stay with nothing but peace of mind.